Dr. Tushar Bhonsle - The Pioneer

Dr Tushar Bhonsle has been associated with Prince Ahokraje Gaekwad School since its inception; he is the founder member and can be appropriately considered to be the ‘ROOT’ of Prince Ashokraje Gaekwad School.

Dr Tushar Bhonsle is the son of Professor Dwaraka Nath Bhonsle of Vadodara, an eminent and well known exponent of Indian classical music.Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr Tushar Bhonsle too has a Doctorate - In music.


In the process of nurturing Prince Ashokeraje Gaekwad School over the years, he chose to plunge wholeheartedly into the field of education. Keeping this vision in mind, he forged ahead and went back to studies, he cleared his B-Ed and later M-Ed, so as to be equipped to be an able educationist and administrator and realize his vision. His expertise in music is an added asset, an important & essential requirement in educational curriculum. Music can be considered to be the soul, in imparting education to the tender ones, especially in the pre- primary section, which Dr Tushar Bhonsle heads.


It is visible today …Under the guidance of Dr Tushar Bhonsle over the last decade, Prince Ashokraje Gaekwad School has flourished.


Dr Tushar Bhonsle believes - that extracurricular activities and academics should be balanced and go hand in hand to bring about a well rounded education and thereby well grounded students.

Keeping this in mind, he initiated a number of activities
and the students of Prince Ashokraje Gaekwad School, did
the school proud - Winning Trophies in the various

competitions they participated in


The students of Prince Ashokraje Gaekwad School, celebrate all the auspicious festivals on the school campus. He believes in sensitizing the students to various traditions and cultures of unity and integrity, keeping in view, the social responsibilities and thereby inculcating values & awareness, to become committed, responsible & last but not the least, compassionate citizens of the world, with a sense of purpose in life.


Dr Tushar Bhonsle has also organized various workshops and activities over the years, so the students get experiential exposure.


DDr Tushar Bhonsle, firmly believes – Experience, has a lasting effect on the tender minds and hearts of children.

Keeping this in focus he works passionately, sincerely and perseveringly, for the well-being of the students, who have been entrusted to Prince Ashokraje Gaekwad School.


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